Students Speak

“So, what do my students think? I asked and was overwhelmed by the depth and sincerity of their responses.”
– Joan Erzer Behrens

“I feel at home when I go to learn with Mrs. Behrens, and from a 9th grader learning grammar to a 12th grader writing essays and college applications, she has taught me so much.”

“From elementary school through post-college graduation, I have been fortunate to have been under the tutelage of one constant educator, Mrs. Joan Behrens.”

“Mrs. Behrens is not just a teacher or a tutor, but she has been the best mentor. I can ask her any problem, and she helps me in many, many ways."

“I remember performing particularly badly in 4th grade reading comprehension, and my mother took me to Mrs. Behrens to work her magic -- and this is exactly what she did.”

“She has been one of the biggest influences in my life as she taught me indispensable life skills for interview decorum and effective communication.”

“She has been the most sincere and helpful teacher and a mentor throughout my high school and college academic career."

“From poetry recital contests, grammar perfection, essay-requiring applications -- Mrs. Behrens has always been there for me.”

“I learned the strategies for the math, essay, verbal, and reading comprehension sections of the test. I also learned about the right mental attitude and how to present myself in the interview.”

“For the past fourteen years, I have always gone back to Mrs. Behrens to ask for essay revision and for advice (educational and personal), and now that I am in law school...nothing has changed.”

“I think that if I hadn’t taken Mrs. Behrens’ class I might have done poorly in the interview and on the test.”

“She is, in every sense, the full-service tutor, but more importantly a person who cares deeply for her students and will always make time for them.”

“This test prep class seemed to clean out the rusty parts of my brain.”

“I realize now how lucky I was and how rare teachers like Mrs. Behrens are. As one of her students, I am truly blessed.”

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